EDU Pool Services, LLC is a family operated business
    since 2006. Our staff possesses over 8 years of
    experience in commercial and 15 years in residential
    We are currently servicing several areas in Texas
    including metropolitan Dallas, Austin and Houston.
    We have 4 plumbing trucks at your service.

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    When it comes to INFLOOR SYSTEMS, our staff is well experienced
    and we provide the best service by utilizing leading brands such
    as Paramount PC-2000, Zodiac and many more.

    To become an infloor systems installer, it requires years of training
    and our plumbers have that experience. Our customer recognize the
    values of our work.
    Our customers feel confident in our work as it pertains
    to re-routing SEWER LINES around the pool.

    Our experienced plumbers set the PVC pipes around the pool,
    set the returns, cleaners, bubblers and any water feature

    For suctions, they set the skimmers, main drain and stub suction
    for booster suction.

    For spas, they run flex pipes and PVC pipes, hook the jets around
    the spa, stub the suction lines and any stub pipe for water features.


    Our experienced plumbers run the suctions and returns
    lines from pool and spa to equipment side.

    This includes air lines, setting the manifold and leaving
    it with pressure

residential Residential
  • We provide the best quality in plumbing based on experienced and skilled staff
  • We offer the best quality products available in the market
  • 100% guaranteed by a certified master plumber in all our projects
  • Professional staff is corteous and friendly
commercial Commercial
  • Quality recognition and satifaction by our commercial clients is based on our experience
  • We excel minimum requirements by State and Federal regulation
  • We offer the best quality products available in the market
  • Our labor is 100% guaranteed by a certified master plumber in all projects
  • Professional staff is corteous and friendly

Recent Works

In every work we complete, we use a combination of the best products in the market, as well as our years of experience and knowledge of pool plumbing. We have a proven system that brings results and we take pride in satisfying each and every customer we serve. Let us save you and your clients time and money by doing it right always.

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